Follow Along


During the event, we hope you’ll share your learning! Many folks will tweet, pin, or add links to a LiveBinder. The more sharing, the merrier. Follow us @edcampsac on Twitter. Use the #edcampsac hashtag on tweets and Instagram posts. Also, if you take notes in Google Docs, tweet out the links to your notes so we can all learn from as many sessions as possible.

We are also happy to announce that we will be running the official EdCampSac Scavenger Hunt through An Estuary’s Sanderling, the social platform for professional development. When you have finished the Scavenger Hun,t you will earn the EdCampSac Badge that will then be displayed on your educator profile and field journal! To set up your Sanderling account and profile, go to and register. Then check out Explore and join the EdCamp Sacramento course to get started! If you are an Android user, you can download the app directly to your device from the Play Store. The app will be ready for iOS soon and you can always participate through the web portal at Looking forward to seeing you on Sanderling!


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